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Corn Heads


Tractors: Our tractors are cleaned, checked over and reconditioned mechanically and cosmetically. Paint, tires, cab interiors etc. Here’s a reconditioned 8050, sold and ready for the customer.

Contact us at 402-643-3290 for tractor & combine information.

Combines: Most of our combines are cleaned and thoroughly inspected and reconditioned from header to spreader. We check belts, chains, sprockets, idlers, bearings, augars, beaters, walkers you name it...

Flex/Rigid Heads: Our reconditioned headers is what sets us apart from others. We spend a great deal of time and money to assure you get a good product. On grain heads we check the reel, conveyor auger, header bottom, cutting parts, bearings and so on...

Corn Heads: On our corn heads we check chains, sprockets, idlers, bearings, snapping roll knives, tin work etc. After repairs are made our headers are test run to assure proper operation.

Here is a reconditioned N/R 830. On some of our headers like this one, the tin work is completely re-galvinized.

We have a variety of headers.
Contact us at 402-643-3290 for details